First Rule of Travel Photographer – You Don’t Have To Travel

This new blog is for a specialized type of photography – Travel and Adventure.  While my other photography site is about camera techniques in general.

I know, I like to travel as much as you do, but you and I can’t always make that work.  Luckily, I’ve got plenty of places within a short driving distance for some great photography adventures. And, I’m sure, if you thought about it, you probably do too.

But think about it, others like to travel too. And, to many of them, your home town is actually their travel destination!

So, become a tourist in your own home town. Just imagine – If a tourist came up to you today and asked, “Where are the good places to see (photography) around  here?” What would you tell them?

Go to these places and revisit them as a tourist, not as someone that lives there. How would you shoot it if you were that tourist, seeing them for the first time, what places of interest or adventures would a tourist enjoy?

There’s your assignment – Go out and shot as a tourist in your own home town!

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