Travel By Water & Looking For A Lighthouse To Buy?

I recently took two trips on a local whale watching boat. Luckily I know the owners, and, I just installed a new sound system on-board so that the guests could better understand what was being said by the Naturalist (in my previous life, I used to own a company which designed and built large-scale audio & video systems for everything from touring concert sound to churches, auditoriums and military command centers). So, of course, this new sound system needed testing and the crew needed training while out on the water for a day – or two.

Along the way, not only did I get to shoot a lot of whales, I was also able to shoot two of the lighthouses in the area, which is always fun. There are several books, and many photographers, which are dedicated to this type of photography. Me, I’m not dedicated to it, but do enjoy it too, shooting one everytime I get the chance.

Lime Kiln Lighthouse on San Juan Island, WA

Burrows Island Lighthouse, Burrows Island, WA

Merry Island Lighthouse, BC Canada

The problem now though, is that many of our lighthouses in the US & Canada are now automated, some are abandoned, in disrepair and many are needing someone new to take them over and show them some love.

Lime Kiln Lighthouse is currently in use by (I believe) the Park Service as meeting room/interpretive center for the Park Rangers and volunteer park guides. While Burrows Island Lighthouse is seeking funds by a historic society to provide for it’s restoration. I don’t have the full story on Merry Island Lighthouse, as I was just there last month on a trip up to Princess Louisa Inlet, BC and didn’t have time to learn more about it… Yet. Stay tuned on the story about that trip, and the book that we’ve published about it.

There are several lighthouses around the US  that are up for sale, for literally next to nothing, if you (or your group) agree to restore the facilities, maintain them and make them available to the public for their enjoyment. If someone or some group does not take advantage of this great deal, they are then put up for auction, which from what I understand, allows the highest bidder to do as they like with the property. Granted, I haven’t fully studied all the the ‘small print’, but that’s the main gist of what’s happening to our historic lighthouses.

To learn more about which lighthouses are up for sale, and how you can help save them. Visit this website from the GSA & National Park Service


To learn more about lighthouses in general visit here:

And of course, to learn more about photography, come back and visit any of my sites too, which are listed on the top-right of the main page under “Blog Roll.”

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One response to “Travel By Water & Looking For A Lighthouse To Buy?

  1. How interesting is that? Funny, I just watched something on HGTV (shush) last week about a couple who live in a renovated lighthouse. It was stunning.

    Great shots as always, Tony!

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