Keep Your Eye Out For Things That’ll Make You & Your Viewers – Smile!

As you venture further down this photographic road of discovery, you’ll find that you start noticing more & more things that you used to (and your friends still do) just walk on by and never notice.

Most notably is the color of light, especially during a sunset. Are you finding yourself catching how often the colors of a sunset are lighting up everything around you? Not only the clouds overhead, but the trees, buildings and landscape and flowers.

Something else you’ll start noticing, or may need to start practice noticing, are those little things that just make you Smile!

This image is just one of those instances with the same sunflower from above. I’m out for a walk along the fisherman’s dock at the marina, where it’s normally just rocks and fishing boats, when Anne, a fellow photographer that’s walking along with us points to this lone sunflower “I just love this little sunflower, out here all by its self.”

Then she had to bring up the fact that it probably got there via some bird poop. But hey, that’s why trees have fruit and tasty seeds, so the birds will spread the circle of life. It’s nature’s way of keeping things growing.

So, next time you see something unusual, out of the norm or, just anything that makes you Smile – Take a picture of it!

For some of the other pictures I’ve shot this week, as part of my Focus52 challenge’s Prompt of “Smile”, go to my Flickr site.

Also, don’t forget to go to Tony’s Photography Facebook and click the little “Like” button to keep up to date on what’s happening – Such as how we’ve got only one or two slots left for this weeks Workshop In The Palouse (Eastern Washington and Western Idaho farmlands), with accommodations and meals at a Dude Ranch instead of your normal boring motel. Go to Alternative Focus Workshops to learn more.




One response to “Keep Your Eye Out For Things That’ll Make You & Your Viewers – Smile!

  1. She IS right though 😉

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