Travel Workshop to the farms of “The Palouse” region in Eastern Washington & Western Idaho.


We just completed a fun-filled, 4-day photography workshop that we hosted in The Palouse. This is a region in Eastern WA, which is home to rolling hills of mostly wheat fields, along with a couple of other corps too. But the most interesting features are the rolling hills and how the shadows play across them during sunrise and sunsets.

To make the workshop even more interesting, instead of lodging at your normal Best Western type of small room motel, we had all of our students stay at a working Bed & Breakfast Ranch, complete with lots of dogs, cats, horses and cows on the ranch, along with birds, deer & coyote around the valley near the ranch. Luckily no one had any allergies to animals. The hosts were a very friendly working farm family.

We had perfect weather, in the mid-90’s mostly, dropping to the mid-60’s at night. We all arose at 4-4:30am everyday for sunrise shooting, then came back to the ranch for a big farm style breakfast served by our host. Then more travel/exploration during the day, and then we stayed up past 9-10pm to shoot the sunsets. By the end of the 4th day, though we were all pretty worn out – We all had big grins on our faces too.

Here’s a couple of the images I captured during the trip. There will be more coming up on my Flickr site soon  – I’m still trying to play catch-up, not only on my images and work, but sleep too!

Go to my Flickr site to see more images from the trip, along with other things I’ve been up to lately.

To see an interesting and very challenging HDR panoramic shot (3 rows of 4 images, times 3 exposures per image for 36 image to merge together) of the amazing Palouse Falls, go visit my Photography Tips site to learn more. If it’s not up right away, check back in a day or so to give me a chance to finish it.

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