“Adventuring to Princes Louisa Inlet” in BC, Canada – The book has finally arrived and is ready for delivery!

Betty Wright & I have been working on this book for almost a year. She with her great story telling and anecdotes culled from journals written during her and her husbands travels, along with pictures and slides taken from 1957 to the present, and my graphic design & Photoshop work in taking those photos and text into assembled pages – Comes a fun and unique travel book, documenting not only her travels, but also where to go, how to get there and what navigational aids and hazards to be aware of.

Betty Wright, teacher, photographer, and writer, brings a wealth of cruising information woven into an adventurous tale of cruising with her husband in 1957 in a 16-foot boat from Anacortes, Washington, through the San Juan Islands in Washington State, and intoBritish Columbia waters, through the Gulf Islands to Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island. Cross Georgia Strait with them in their small boat and cruise to Pender Harbour, and to Sechelt Rapids in Skookumchuck Narrows, to Malibu and Beyond Malibu, and then on to Princess Louisa Inlet.

Their trip was repeated in 1958 and 1959, again in their own boat, followed by charter tour boats in 2002 and 2005 from Egmont. She stresses safety in cruising through the important use of official nautical charts, tide tables, current tables, and learning how to protect yourself with a vital understanding of the weather. She brings the reader up to the year 2011, showing current facilities throughout the area. Her delightful narration, 257 splendid color photographs, and hand drawn charts (for enjoyment only), make arm-chair cruising fascinating. As she states, “The dangers of cruising are there, but the beauty shouldn’t be missed.” Most importantly her support is strong for the preservation of wild places, particularly Princess Louisa Inlet. Cruise with Jim and Betty as the magic of five-mile long Princess Louisa Inlet unfolds, culminating in the grandeur of Chatterbox Falls.

Learn the story of James F. MacDonald who purchased the head of the Inlet in 1927 for $420.00 and held it in such high esteem. His vision was that the entire five-miles of the pristine Inlet should be protected from all development. Realize the importance of the Princess Louisa International Society, founded by boaters in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia, to protect the world famous Inlet. Individuals, who know the importance of protecting this Inlet, as well as major donors, have contributed to the Society so that, today, 50 times the acreage of Mac’s original purchase has now been protected.

There’s still much land needing to be preserved. Contemplate joining thousands in the non-profit Society who promote protection of the entire five-mile long Inlet. Thrill with the many photographs showing the inspiring beauty of the Inlet. Learn a way to easily visit this magnificent place, inaccessible except by boat and float plane. It’s relatively untouched by man. It’s nature’s greatest show.

Go to http://www.armchair-cruising.com/ ( sorry, the link button doesn’t seem to be working today, as WordPress makes changes) or look up Armchair Cruising on Facebook and hit the Like button to learn more about the book and how to order one for yourself.


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